Potato croquettes with oyster mushrooms and rucola

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič Potato croquettes are quite common side dish in the Czech Republic. I didn’t like them because they were usually tasteless. However, I learned how to

Plaited rolls

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič Plaited rolls are a common kind of pastry in the Czech Republic. They are made from wheat flour. It’s nice to bake small rolls and have ...

Muffins with white chocolate and cranberries

It’s easy to bake muffins as soon as you have a good recipe then also children can handle it and bake muffins according to their taste and fantasy. There’re not ...

Seasonal recipes

Stuffed trout with almond filling

Fish is light meal that it’s suitable for summer time when we ...

Lasagne alla Bolognese

The preparation of the Bolognese sauce isn’t easy but the result is ...

Chicken roulade with parmesan crust and mashed potatoes and celery

Celery is a very aromatic vegetable. Some people eat it only in ...

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Whole wheat pumpkin seed bread

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič I love when I enter the bakery the nice smell of fresh pastry. With your own bread machine you can smell it every morning. Some of them have a program which allow you to let start to bake the bread at the certain time so you can wake up and the [...]

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I think it’s not necessary to tediously explain what fluor is because it’s used already since 6000 BC when people discovered that if they put wheat seeds between two big stones and crush them they make powder that they can mix with water and bake it and thus they made the first bread.

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Carrot cake

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič Carrot cake is famous all around the world. I used this recipe to create my birthday cake, you can make it like cupcakes and have them for breakfast with a nice cup of tea or coffee, or create small cakes which can be decorated with caramel sauce and served for your [...]

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Garlic custard

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič As a garnish for cream soup, for example spinach & chickpea soup (http://justcookit.blog.com/2014/01/24/spinach-chickpea-soup/), you can use garlic custard. It’s unusual and it suits exactly the soup because it consists of garlic, cream and eggs which go well with spinach.

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Spinach & chickpea soup

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič If you are bored of usual spinach soup this could be a nice change for you. In this soup I used chickpeas to thicken the soup and that’s no flour is neccessary to use. You will have a nice cream thick soup which fill your stomach and heat the whole your [...]

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Fruit cake

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič Today I found inspiration in Britain cuisine. You can prepare this fruit cake from this amount and you’ll have a nice biscuit with delicious fruit layer as you can see in the picture above or double the amount of the all ingredients and make same equally delicious just more chewy cake.

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Sea bream baked in salt crust with lentils

Photograph by Tomáš Janovič Sea dream is not such an usual kind of fish. I like it because its size is exactly enough for one person. And despite the fact that fish or meat is usually served with potatoes or rice it’s good to change it from time to time. Why not to prepare it [...]

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